What We DO

Churches, non-profits and schools pay a nominal membership fee that enables individuals and teachers to access these products for free. Membership is limited to schools and non-profits who agree to use Hand Up methods instead of Hand Out ones. We ask that our partners “give back” through generosity toward others.



The Warehouse is a 20,000 sq. ft. facility stocked with a wide variety of products constantly replenished by World Vision. A $500 annual membership fee enables churches and other non-profits to redistribute these products to the people they serve.

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Essentials Store

Basic hygiene and cleaning products are offered through the Essentials Store. Qualifying individuals can shop this store in exchange for a low membership fee and minimal hours of store service.

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The Teacher Resource Store is lined with brand-new school supplies - from pencils, pens, and notebooks, to copy paper, scissors and glue. A $50 membership fee per school building allows every teacher in that building to visit the store twice a year to restock their classrooms – at no cost to them personally.

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Sewest is a local sewing company that started small inside the basement of it’s founder Naomi Cunningham’s home.  She hires refugees to sew for her company.  Refugees are a recognized, at-risk population; therefore fitting our vision.  After 12 months in The StoreHouse space, they outgrew and moved on.  
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