The StoreHouse supports teachers through our Teacher Resource Store, by reduced out-of-pocket expenses. Teachers spend approximately $600 of their own money on classroom supplies every year, according to Nine out of ten teachers reach into their own pockets to fill the gap for students; a gap that is particularly pronounced in low-income areas.

The Teacher Resource Store (TRS), is helping fill the gap for west Michigan students and reduce the financial strain on teachers. The TRS is stocked with brand new pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, copy paper, scissors, glue, and more. A low-cost partnership fee of $50 per school building provides all of the teachers in that building with bi-annual access to free classroom supplies that they may have previously paid for out of their own pockets. In return, we require teachers to educate and document pay it forward activities that their students have done to give back to the communities.

In order for a school to qualify:

  • There must be at least 70% free or reduced lunch participation(currently serving Kent County only)
  • Teachers agree to share pay-it-forward activities
  • The school will share the number of adults and children impacted
  • Any product received must be used at the school and cannot be sold


Thank you for checking out our website.  We are happy to say that we are now serving 30 schools, impacting thousands of students in our community.  We are limited on the number of school supplies that we receive and have reached capacity on the schools we can serve.  At this time we are only accepting applications for a ‘wait list’.  When a school no longer qualifies or chooses not to renew their membership, we will call the next school on the list.  This may happen as soon as October, but we cannot guarantee this.  Please find us on Facebook and follow us to keep current on any changes to this.  You can find us at The StoreHouse of Community Resources.  

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