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If you’re a local nonprofit, school, or teacher, you’re making a big impact on local communities. Storehouse is here to help you maximize it.

We Offer Two Types of Memberships:


Warehouse Memberships
for 501(c)3 nonprofits and ANY school.



School Memberships
to our Teacher Resource Store.

This membership is reserved for schools where 70% or more of students are from low-income households. Supplies in the Teacher Resource Store are TOTALLY FREE. Please note that school memberships do not include access to the warehouse.

What's in Store(house)?

Access thousands of BRAND NEW products in one convenient location.

Our corporate partners stock our 25,000-sq-ft facility with new, high-quality products that are available to local nonprofits and schools. See what’s in store.

Warehouse Products

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Toys
  • School Supplies
  • Personal Care
  • Linens
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Teacher Resource Store Products

  • Backpacks
  • Copy Paper, Envelopes, Poster Board
  • Markers, Pens, Pencils
  • Craft Supplies
  • Books, Posters, Puzzles
  • Masks, Sanitizer, Cleaning Wipes
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Warehouse Membership Information

Authorized Shoppers

  • Membership Requirement: Only authorized representatives of Member Organizations may access the Storehouse for shopping purposes. Member Organizations must be a designated 501(c)3 for at least 6 months and have an active website.
  • Volunteer Restrictions: Member Organization volunteers are not permitted to shop at the Storehouse. Volunteers assisting with loading/transport must wait in designated areas, such as the cafe.
  • Membership Updates: Member Organizations can request additions or changes to authorized shoppers by contacting the Member Director by emailing
  • New Shopper Orientation: All new shoppers must read and understand the Member Agreement before shopping at the Storehouse and is the responsibility of the Member Organization.
  • Membership Term: This agreement is effective for one year from the dated agreement. Annual renewal of membership is required.

Financial Policy

  • Admin Fees: Items obtained from the Storehouse may have an associated Admin Fee to offset administration costs of the goods.
  • Financial Responsibility: The Member Organization recognizes that authorized shopper purchases may be subject to administrative fees, which will be the responsibility of the Member Organization.

Returns and Refunds

  • Policy: Due to the nature of donated goods, the Storehouse does not offer refunds once payment is finalized.
  • As-Is Condition: Member Organizations receiving products from the Storehouse acknowledge that they will be received “as-is,” meaning with all existing faults and defects, whether readily apparent or hidden.

Proper Use of Goods

  • Restriction on Use: Storehouse goods are intended solely for the operational needs of member organizations or for distribution to their beneficiaries.
  • Prohibited Activities: Storehouse goods cannot be used for personal purposes, sold, bartered, or offered as prizes in raffles, volunteer appreciation events, or fundraisers.
  • Signage Requirement: Member Organizations must display “PROPER USE OF DONATED GOODS” signs at all locations where Storehouse products are stored or distributed.
  • Tracking Responsibility: Member Organizations are responsible for tracking and ensuring the proper use of all Storehouse products received.

Impact Reporting

  • Stories of Impact: As a Member Organization, each month you shop, you are required to report the end use and provide stories of impact.
  • Submit a High-Quality Image: Provide a high-quality image that visually represents the use of the product. (high resolution, sharp and crisp appearance, and retains detail without pixelation or blurriness)
  • Provide a Statement: Include a statement explaining why the product was needed and the impact it had on those who received it.
  • Report Impact Numbers: Report the total number of people impacted by the product to help us convey the effectiveness of our programs to our funding and product donors.

Product Loading and Holds

  • Loading Responsibility: Member Organizations are responsible for loading their own products and transporting them on the day of shopping. The Storehouse may offer limited loading assistance based on availability.
  • Holds Policy: Holds on specific items will only be granted under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Member Director by emailing

Maintaining Warehouse Order

  • Courtesy and Assistance: If while shopping you determine you no longer want an item in your cart, please take the time to restock those items in their original location and straighten the area.
  • Mutual Support: When possible, offer assistance to other members who may require help with loading their products.

Policy Compliance

  • Questions and Clarifications: For any inquiries regarding these policies, please contact the Member Director by emailing
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to adhere to these policies may result in the immediate termination of your organization’s membership.

Membership Revocation

  • Grounds for Revocation: Storehouse reserves the right to revoke membership at any time for non-compliance with these policies.

School Membership Information

Membership is available for schools where 70% or more of students are from low-income households. All approved full-time teaching staff at member schools are able to shop for classroom products twice per year.

Our first focus is Kent County, and we’re hoping to extend across the whole state of Michigan.

The Details

  • Check eligibility on from your school’s listing, navigate to the “Equity” section and locate the percentage listed under “Low-Income Students”.
  • Apply – choosing one person acting as school building coordinator.
  • Once approved, submit a teacher list/school data form (provided) signed by the school Principal.
  • Sign up to shop via a link provided by the Storehouse staff. 30-minute time slots are available two evenings per week.
  • Each approved teacher can choose their allotment from an assortment of goods.
  • Volunteers on hand will provide full instructions.
  • Teachers may not shop for other teachers during their visit.

Teacher Shopping Guidelines

  • Qualifying schools must fill out an application and is for schools where 70% or more of students are from low-income households.
  • Each school’s identified coordinator is responsible for communications and for providing an updated list of full-time teachers eligible to shop.
  • Appointments are required. Upon arrival, all teachers must check-in and show their photo school identification in order to be allowed to shop.
  • Due to space constraints, only 15 teachers may shop at once for 30 minutes max.
  • Each teacher may fill one shopping cart with products for their classroom use. Volunteers on hand will provide more information and any details on any limits.

Parking & Entrance – 4411 Plainfield Ave. NE

  • Please do not park in front of any entrance/garage doors or loading zones.
  • Teachers will enter through the front doors labeled “A” on the map.
  • Handicap parking spaces are available.
  • Please ask a staff member for assistance.

Membership FAQs

Access to millions of dollars in free/very low-cost household and school-related supplies.

We offer two types of memberships:

  1. Warehouse memberships for 501(c)3 nonprofits and ANY school.
  2. School memberships to our Teacher Resource Store. This membership is reserved for schools where 70% or more of students are from low-income households. Supplies in the Teacher Resource Store are TOTALLY FREE. Please note that school memberships do not include access to the warehouse.

Learn more about memberships

  1. Warehouse memberships shoppers must be staff within the organization (volunteer or paid positions). Authorized shoppers can only be added by the main contact person for your organization.
  2. School memberships to the Teacher Resource Store must be from qualifying member schools and be full-time teachers with their own classroom. This does not include support staff and administrators.

No, there is not a fee to be a member. There are small administrative handling fees for the product(s) selected while shopping in the warehouse. There is zero cost for approved members to shop at the Teacher Resource Store; each teacher has access to shop twice per year.

2023 Member List

Teacher Resource Store Member Directory

  • Aberdeen Academy
  • Alger Middle School
  • Alpine Elementary
  • Bowen Elementary – KPS
  • Brookside Elementary
  • Brookwood Elementary
  • Buchanan Elementary School
  • Burton Elementary School
  • Burton Middle School
  • Campus Elementary
  • Cesar E Chavez Elementary
  • Challenger Elementary
  • Coit Creative Arts Academy
  • Dearborn Heights School District #
  • Dickinson
  • East Leonard Elementary
  • Gerald R Ford Academic Center
  • Gladiola Elementary
  • Glenwood Elementary
  • Godfrey Lee Early Childhood Center
  • Godfrey Lee East Lee Campus
  • Godfrey Lee Elementary
  • Godfrey Lee High School
  • Godfrey Lee Middle School
  • Godwin Heights High School
  • Godwin Heights Middle School
  • Harrison Park Academy
  • Holland Heights
  • Hope Academy of Michigan
  • Huntington Woods/Early Childhood Special Education (WPS)
  • Jefferson Elementary (HPS)
  • Jefferson Elementary (Ionia)
  • Kent Hills Elementary
  • Knapp Charter Academy
  • KSSN – Southwest Elementary Academy Bilingual
  • KSSN – Meadowlawn Elementary
  • Lighthouse Academy North
  • Lighthouse Academy South
  • Marquette Elementary School
  • Mulick Park Elementary
  • New Branches Charter
  • North Godwin Elementary
  • Oriole Park Elementary
  • Palmer School
  • Parkview Elementary
  • R1TS
  • Ridge Park Charter Academy
  • River City Scholars
  • Romulus Community Schools
  • San Juan Diego Academy
  • Shawmut Hills
  • Sibley Elementary
  • Stocking Elementary
  • Taylor School District
  • Timerbland Charter Academy
  • Townline Elementary
  • University Prep
  • Valleywood Middle
  • Vista Charter Academy
  • Wayne-Westland Community Schools
  • West Godwin Elementary
  • Michigan Academy of Environmental Science
  • Westwood Middle School
  • William C. Abney Academy
  • Wyoming High School
  • Wyoming Intermediate
  • Wyoming Junior High

2023 Member List

Nonprofit Member Directory

  • 70×7 Grand Rapids Center
  • 70×7 Holland Center
  • A.Y.A. Youth Collective
  • Affinity Mentoring
  • Aldersgate Center for Child Development
  • Aldersgate United Methodist Church
  • Alpha Family Center – Cedar Springs
  • Alpha Family Services – Greenville
  • Alpha Grand Rapids
  • Alternative Pathways
  • Amplify GR
  • Amway/Spaulding
  • AQUME Foundation
  • Arts in Motion
  • Baxter Community Center
  • Beautiful You
  • Beer City Dog Biscuits
  • Berkely Hills
  • Bethany Christian (Foster Homes)
  • Bethany Christian (Domestic)
  • Bethany Christian (Refugee)
  • Bethany Refugee – ILP Home
  • Bethany – Long Term Foster Care
  • Better Wiser Stronger
  • Beyond 26
  • Boys & Girls Club – Paul I Philips
  • Boys & Girls Club – Seidman Club
  • Boys & Girls Club – Steil Club
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids – Youth Commonwealth
  • Building Bridges
  • Byron Community Ministries
  • Calvary Church – Benevolence
  • Calvary Church – Mercy & Missions
  • Camp Blodgett
  • Camp Henry
  • Camp Michawana
  • Camp Roger
  • Care Portal
  • Central Kelloggsville Elementary
  • Cherry Health
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County
  • Christ Missionary Baptist Church
  • City on a Hill
  • Community Action House
  • Community Food Club GR
  • Community Rebuilders
  • Country Cat Lady
  • Covenant Ability Network of MI
  • Covenant House of Michigan
  • DA Blodget – Saint Johns
  • Degage
  • Delta Project
  • Dream Center
  • Dwelling Place
  • ELNC – GR
  • Enriched Living
  • Essentials – Frontline Church
  • Essentials – New Life Church, Wayland
  • EveryHeart Movement
  • Exodus Place
  • Faith Church
  • Family Church
  • Family Network of Wyoming
  • Family Outreach Center
  • Family Promise
  • First Steps Kent
  • Forest Hill Public Schools – Eastern
  • Foster the Family Grand Rapids
  • Fresh Coast Alliance
  • Frontline Church
  • Garfield Park Neighborhood Association
  • Girl Scouts
  • Godwin Heights High School
  • Good News Baptist Church
  • Grace’s Table
  • Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
  • Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
  • Greenwood Camp
  • Guiding Light
  • Habitat for Humanity Kent County
  • Habitat for Humanity Lakeshore
  • Hand2Hand
  • Healthy Homes Coalition/Parents for Healthy Homes
  • Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue
  • Heartside Ministries
  • HELP Pregnancy Aid
  • Heritage Homes
  • Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
  • HOAP
  • Holland Rescue Mission
  • Hope Community
  • Hope Gardens
  • Hope Pkgs
  • HOPELink of Michigan
  • House of Grace
  • Humane Society of Michigan
  • ICCF
  • IKUS Life Enrichment Services/Indian Trails Camp
  • In the Image
  • International Needs
  • Jason Kinzler Family First Foundation
  • Jubilee Ministries
  • Kent District Library
  • Kent ISD – Beckwith Adult Education
  • Kent ISD – Bright Beginnings
  • Kids Food Basket
  • King’s Table Ministries
  • KSSN
  • KSSN/Buchanan
  • KSSN/Burton Elementary
  • KSSN/Godfrey-Lee
  • KSSN/Godwin Schools
  • Lakeshore Lifeworks
  • Lakeshore Pregnancy Center/Positive Options
  • Lighthouse Academy North
  • Lighthouse Academy South
  • Lighthouse Community Ministries
  • Linc UP
  • Lincoln Lake Baptist Camp
  • Literacy Center of Michigan
  • Living Water Ministry Network
  • Living Well Adult Living Center
  • Lori’s Voice
  • Love Inc. – Newaygo
  • Managed Senior Care Community
  • Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Meaning in Color
  • Mel Trotter
  • Michele’s Rescue
  • Migrant Legal Aid
  • MOKA
  • Momentum Center
  • Muskegon Rescue Mission
  • My House Ministry
  • NECM (North End Community Ministries)
  • Network 180
  • New City Kids
  • New Day Foundation
  • New Destiny Pathways
  • New Life Church
  • Newhall Christian Fellowship
  • Next Steps of Michigan
  • North Kent Presbyterian Church
  • Northview Public Schools – Special Services
  • Olivia’s Gift (Full Circle)
  • Operation Christmas/Samaritans Purse
  • Ottawa County DHHS
  • Pet Tales Rescue
  • Pine Ridge Bible Camp
  • Pinewood Middle School
  • Pioneer Resources
  • Potter’s House
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Puertas Abiertas
  • R1TS
  • Reach the Forgotten
  • Rehoboth AFC
  • Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence
  • Restored Refuge Designs
  • Rockford Baptist Church
  • Ronald McDonald House of Michigan
  • Rotary Club
  • Saint Mary’s Foundation
  • Salvation Army – Fulton Heights
  • Samaritas Affordable Living
  • Samaritas Persons with Disabilities Programs
  • Samaritas Michigan Foster Care
  • Saranac Community Church
  • Senior Neighbors
  • Shelton House (Cherry Health)
  • Southwest Acidemia Bilingual
  • Special Olympics Michigan
  • St. Alphonsus
  • Storehouse For Teachers
  • Streams
  • The Cord Group
  • The Diatribe
  • The Dock Ministries
  • The Green Apple Pantry
  • The Hope Project
  • The Local Church GR
  • The Source
  • Thresholds
  • TimberCreek Ranch
  • Treetops Collective
  • Trinity Lutheran Church & School
  • True Vine Church
  • Turning Point Missions INC
  • United Methodist Community House
  • United Way of the Lakeshore
  • United Way Heart of Michigan
  • Unlimited Alternatives
  • Upcycle Bikes
  • Vogel Center Christian Reformed Church
  • WellHouse
  • Michigan Youth for Christ
  • Westwood Middle School
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • World Renew
  • YMCA
  • Young Life Timber Wolf Lake
  • Young Life Grand Rapids City
  • Young Life Timber Wolf Lake
  • Young Money Finances
  • Youth Build
  • YWCA West Central Michigan
  • Zion Ministries