The warehouse component of The StoreHouse provides goods for other non-profits through a $500 annual membership.  With that membership, non-profits can pick up up to two pallets of goods per month, equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of items such as pillows and blankets, copy paper and printers, tables and chairs and much more.    

(To be an affiliate of The StoreHouse means you do not qualify to partner with us, but your organization would like to be contacted about free goods we would like to get rid of.)  

Affiliate Members:

  • Santa Claus Girls
  • Kentwood Community Church
  • Timmer’s
  • Hungry for Christ
  • In The Image

Current members/partners:

  • Family Promise
  • Building Bridges
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Berkley Hills Wesleyan Church
  • My House Ministries
  • School Supply Santa
  • Bethany Christian Services
  • North End Community Ministries
  • Tribes Church
  • Rowley Church
  • Third Reformed Church
  • City on a Hill Ministries
  • Love in the Name of Christ
  • New Life Christian
  • Hope Packages Inc.
  • Frontline Community Church
  • Pregnancy Resource Center