Access to thousands of products in one place.

The Warehouse is a 20,000 square foot facility stocked by our Sponsors with new, high-quality products. These are made available to local non-profit organizations for a small fee, and are then redistributed to struggling populations in our community.

Members of the Warehouse are local 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to empowering our neighbors improve their situations and attain self-sufficiency. We offer multiple levels of membership, depending on your organization’s mission and structure.

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Warehouse Membership Levels




Partner-level members align strongly with our mission. They are identifying people who have the ability to gain sustainable employment and be fully independent, then providing training and education to maintain that success.

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The Details:

  • Access to full inventory

  • $500 annual fee

  • 2 pallets per month

  • 12-month membership




Affiliate-level members fully or partially align with our vision, and pay a nominal fee each time they access the Warehouse to shop.

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The Details:

  • Access to full inventory

  • $100 fee per visit

  • up to 1 visit per month




Associate-level members partially align with our vision by serving low-income families in some way, have been a 501(c)3 for more than two years, and have a current website. Associates are welcome to access our surplus goods at any time for no fee.

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The Details:

  • Access to surplus inventory

  • No fee per visit

  • No maximum number of visits


What to Expect

The Application Process



Review membership options to identify which is the best fit. All members will begin as Associate or Affiliates.


Gather info needed to complete application and submit it for review.



Our staff will contact you to schedule a tour and get a copy of your 501(c)3.


If approved, sign agreement, pay fees, and schedule shopping trip.



  • Main representative and contact information

  • Summary of how you “pay it forward”

  • Number of adults and children served annually

  • List of 5 authorized shoppers