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Warehouse Shopping Guidelines

  • Each organization is allowed one-hour to shop. Please stick to this!

  • You may identify four authorized shoppers and one alternate. To maintain the integrity of our inventory, only these people will be allowed to shop on your behalf.

  • ALWAYS bring the right sized vehicle to your appointments! We cannot hold items for members.


Teacher Resource Store Shopping Guidelines - Waiting List

  • Each school’s identified representative is responsible for scheduling their school shopping trip, providing an updated list of full-time teachers eligible to shop, and communicating any changes.

  • Upon arrival, all teachers must check-in and show their photo school identification in order to be allowed to shop.

  • Due to space constraints, 10 teachers may shop at once. We encourage those who are waiting to assist in setting up the store for the next group.

  • Each teacher may fill one shopping cart with products for their classroom use.

  • The StoreHouse Teacher Resource Store hopes to open to a larger group of school buildings beginning in 2020. Schools must be in Kent County and at 70% or above free/reduced price lunch qualified students. Follow us on Facebook and get on our wait list to be notified when an opportunity comes available.



Warehouse FAQs


How do I schedule my shopping trip? How long do I have to Shop?

Shopping trips are scheduled through a provided link with Sign Up Genius and are limited to ONE HOUR on site.

What is the limit / quantity that can be shopped?

Each partner is allowed up to 2 skids* (24 apple box equivalent)  per month. Some quantities of product are limited / or unavailable  to be shopped and will be marked accordingly. This can include personal care and school supply items.

*This is not guaranteed for Affiliate or Associate members and can be adjusted, canceled or restricted at any time.

Can we shop one day and pick up another?

Due to staff limitations,  pickups must occur on the same day.

How does the shopping process work?

At your first shopping visit, you will receive instructions about how our Warehouse is laid out, filling out the inventory form, aggregating your products, checking out and loading.

Does the Storehouse supply bags?

We do not. You may use any quantity of apple boxes to transport you items.

Is there someone who can help load cars?

Occasionally but not guaranteed.  All partners will be responsible for handling and loading of product.



Teacher Resource Store FAQs

Who is eligible to shop?

Full-time teaching staff with a full-time classroom.  This does not include Para Pro’s, Administrative, Social Workers, Librarians, Media, Behavioral Specialists, Nurse, Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Custodians or Speech Language. Friends and family are not allowed to accompany teachers while shopping.

Is there anything required of teachers?

Teachers should supply their school’s TRS representative with at least one “Pay it Forward” story each year. This is an example of how you not only encouraged students’ academic success, but also giving back. This could be diaper or hygiene drives for the Essentials Store, students serving at local food pantries, letters to veterans, penny drives, etc.

What do we need to bring?

Each teacher must present their school photo identification in order to shop. You should also bring bags or boxes to pack and carry your items.


What if a teacher cannot make it for a scheduled shopping trip?  Can they reschedule or send someone in their place?

Because TRS is reliant upon volunteers, we must limit each school to one shopping night per season. This means that teachers unable to attend during their school’s scheduled time will have to wait until the next season.

IF Our school is at 65%, are we close enough to qualify?

Unfortunately, no. Our sponsorship agreement with WorldVision requires that all member schools provide 70% free or reduced lunches.  Currently, we have a waiting list of schools that meet or exceed the 70% requirement, but we are unable to serve.

Does The Teachers Resource Store supply bags or boxes?

We encourage teachers to bring their own, as we cannot guarantee that boxes will be available.

Is there someone who can help load cars?

No. All teachers will be responsible for handling of product.



Parking & Entrance

  • Please do not park in front of any entrance doors or garage door spaces that may be utilized for incoming semi-truck deliveries or member loading zones.

  • All members & tour organizations: Enter through “Gate” and come in through door B, as marked on map.

  • We do have handicap parking spaces available. If your team is having trouble navigating the entrance, or with parking and unloading of wheelchairs or other equipment, please let a staff member know so that we may be of assistance.

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