Story of Hope: Bright Beginnings


At Bright Beginnings, we visit 9-18 of our families at their homes each a year. Our aim is to build trust, meet parents where they are, and encourage and educate them to be the best teachers of their children as they grow into little learners in our schools.

WOW!! What an amazing program.
— Karen Lezan, Bright Beginnings Coordinator

The StoreHouse products have been SO helpful. We were able to give five queen-size air mattresses and sheets to families that did not have beds, and share boxes of Kleenex and other supplies. Books, story cards and other classroom materials have enriched our services as we make our home visits. We were also able to give ALL the Halloween costumes we got from The StoreHouse to families that didn’t have the money to buy them.

We definitely have families that could use even more, so we have shared printed information about The StoreHouse’s resources not only with families in our program, but also with Great Start to Quality, Early On and other programs!