Current Surplus List


All members have access to our Surplus items at no charge, and counted separately from their pallet allotment.

You can shop for these products during your normal member shopping appointment, or by scheduling an appointment with Tony, our Warehouse Director (, 616-560-4701).

Surplus Items: Week of April 29, 2019

  • Various Teaching supplies

  • Mineral Oil

  • Heaters

  • Solar Lights

  • Flush mount lights

  • staplers

  • Floor wax

  • Industrial cleaners

  • Broom/Mop heads

  • Latex Gloves (small)

  • Frozen (Disney) books

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Misc school supplies

  • Easel paper

  • Soap dispensers

  • Christmas lights

  • Car Seat Covers

  • Misc toys