Member Profile: Youth Build

The StoreHouse vision is to connect resources for at-risk populations through nonprofits and businesses in a way that provides a way out not a hand out.  One of our nonprofit members, YouthBuild, has grown into a deeper relationship with us, truly fulfilling our vision to empower people in need. Their program,  which seeks to break the cycle of poverty through the empowerment of you, accesses the StoreHouse for products to directly benefit those they work with. However, as we state, we are more than connecting people to products, but also people to their purpose!  YouthBuild gives back and teaches their participants about community by volunteering at the StoreHouse monthly, helping us with sorting, organizing, and unloading products. Through this we are building relationships with their students and staff that allow us to further connect them to opportunities for advanced training, education or employment.   

Do you know of a nonprofit who specifically educates or does workforce development that would like to be part of a larger network of potential opportunities?  Are you a business with a passion to have a Social Footprint in Kent County through the employment of at-risk populations? Are you an individual needing to be connected to those who can educate or train you for better employment opportunities?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions please contact us so that we can help you get connected to resources to benefit you.

" I love how you are a blessing to so many people and organizations that you don't even know about.  Thank you for your work.  It allows so many organizations like ours to serve at an even greater capacity with breaking systemic barriers.  I will continue to pray for you and your staff, along with all those who work alongside you."

~ Catrina E. Harvey, YouthBuild Case Manager, Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation