Product Specials (This Week Only)


Sometimes our Sponsors are able to donate above and beyond the normal amount of product. When this happens, we make some items available to Partner and Affiliate members (not counted within their two pallets). These items are on special this week only, while supplies last!

***Reminder to bring the correct size of vehicle to your appointment!

  • Small refrigerators (Appliance category) - out of box only

  • Lawn mowers (Recreation category) - out of box only

  • Space heaters (Household category) - limit 6

  • Instant Pots (Household category) - limit 6

  • 3-in-1 TV stand/console (Furniture category) - limit 6

  • Food (Food category) - no limit

  • Bottled water (Food category) - limit 4

  • Dining table & chair sets (Furniture category) - limit 2