What is The Storehouse?

The Storehouse is a non-profit (501c3) community resource that partners with World Vision, a global humanitarian organization.  It’s purpose is to stock and redistribute thousands of various household goods, hygiene products and teaching supplies every year.

Churches, non-profits and schools pay a nominal membership fee that enables individuals and teachers to access these products for free. Membership also connects non-profits and schools to each other, creating a community of like-minded partners that work together to improve the lives of at-risk populations throughout West Michigan.

The Storehouse is grounded in the Biblical principle that God blesses us to be a blessing unto others. We ask that our partners “give back” through generosity toward others. In doing so, they are helping us build a network of community resources that give people a hand up rather than a hand out.

We have 4 components to our non-profit that are outlined below.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse at The Storehouse is a vast facility stocked with a wide variety of products constantly replenished by World Vision. A $500 annual membership fee enables churches and other non-profits to redistribute these products to the people they serve. Our convenient location makes selection and pick-up of products easy.

To qualify, a non-profit must:

  • Be a recognized 501c3 organization.
  • Identify ways products will be USED to empower recipients and foster independence.
  • Share community impact numbers.
  • Agree to give away, not sell, the product.

Essentials Store

Basic hygiene and cleaning products from The Warehouse are offered through the Essentials Store at The Storehouse. Churches and non-profits can shop this store in exchange for a low membership fee, minimal hours of store service and regular feedback. The products must then be redistributed to low-income individuals at no charge.

Teacher Resource Store

The Teacher Resource Store at The Storehouse is lined with brand-new school supplies, from pencils, pens and notebooks to copy paper, scissors and glue. A $50 membership fee per school building allows every teacher in that building to visit the store twice a year to restock their classrooms – at no cost to them personally.

To qualify, a school must:

  • Have 70% or higher participation in the free or reduced lunch program.
  • Agree to use all products for school purposes and not sell it.
  • Share children and adult impact numbers.
  • Share “give-back” activities and best practices.
  • Complete an application and in-person interview.

Business Accelerator Space

The Storehouse makes low-cost, short-term work space available for small organizations looking to expand their operations and provide jobs for an at-risk population.

Partnerships are what The StoreHouse is all about – Partnering for Product, for People and Community Progress.  Partnerships are Powerful!  Through community partners like you, we can make this happen! 

Please contact us at infostorehousemi@gmail.com or 616-855-1700 to discuss how you would like to partner with us today.