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Frequently Asked Questions



Where do you get your products?

All products in the Warehouse and Teacher Resource Store are donated by our sponsors.

World Vision is currently our main sponsor, and we are building relationships with retailers for potential future sponsorship.

How many people do you impact?

In 2018, The StoreHouse’s member organizations positively impacted 141,868 people in the Greater Grand Rapids area. .

What is the weather closing policy?

If any of the 3 surrounding schools (Forest Hills, Northview, and Rockford) are closed due to weather, The StoreHouse also closes. School closings can often be found here. To confirm, check our website or Facebook page for a closing notification.


Can an individual become a member?

Memberships of our Warehouse are reserved for 501(c)3 organizations. Membership of our Teacher Resource Store is held by schools that meet our criteria; teachers employed at these schools can then can shop for their needs. Frontline Community Church’s Essentials Store, which shares our location, allows individuals to become members. Get information here →

What is the criteria for membership?

Membership criteria is different for the Warehouse and the Teacher Resource Store offered by The StoreHouse.

Our most popular Warehouse Partner-level membership requires that an organization has had 501(c)3 status for two years and provides “hand-up” assistance to those they serve (versus hand-out).

I am a member and have questions about shopping policies.

Current members needing information about shopping policies, scheduling, etc. should reference the Member Dashboard.



What are your volunteer hours?

There are several volunteer options, most taking place during the workday hours. See our volunteer schedule →

I can’t move or load heavy items - can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! We have opportunities for sorting small items, tidying the space and helping with administrative tasks and events. Learn more about our volunteer roles →

What if I want to volunteer with a group?

We would love to set something up! Please register here to get started →