Community Engagement

What is needed

To achieve the mission of helping at-risk individuals run, manage, and lead,
The StoreHouse is crafting a mobility from assistance to sustainability jobs
training program.  While earning a living wage is the goal, many
beneficiaries need skills to get them ready for this kind of responsibility. The
StoreHouse, through their unique pipeline of candidates, will ensure
readiness at this level. Currently, The StoreHouse is working with the
Plainfield corridor of businesses to form partnerships. The goal of these
partnerships is to determine staffing needs along with the ability to mentor
and make available jobs. Hiring a training coordinator/administrator from
the neighborhood for this work force development program is the first order
of business. It is estimated this role and marketing will be a $90,000
increase to the budget.
Pilot 1 st Year Goals:
Five businesses that are incubators for hire
Higher knowledge of roadblocks from assistance to sustainability
8-10 people in program
Paid a living wage
Maintaining job for Nine months
Moving into a higher earning position after Nine months