About Us

A Strong Foundation


Our Values

Networking: Connect people, products and purpose.

Stewardship: Optimize impact with little funding.

Genuineness: Treat all with sincere kindness.

Integrity: Reserve products for member use.

Empowerment: Learn, teach and train.

Collaboration: Collectively solve issues.


Our Approach

The StoreHouse is grounded in the biblical principle that God's blessings are exponential. When we work together, the impact is far greater that what could be made alone.

As local non-profits, churches and schools utilize our resource programs, needs are met and a chain reaction of generosity is ignited.

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Our Reach

Each of our 100 member organizations aligns in some way with our vision of individual empowerment and self-sustainability.

Addressing issues ranging from hunger to homelessness, education, and inequity, they collectively serve approximately 141,868 people each year. These relationships allow us to reach a variety of populations

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Our Mission


Connect resources for at-risk populations through other nonprofits, businesses, and schools. Resources can be people, products or connections to meaningful purpose.

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What We Do


The StoreHouse pursues its mission by connecting local organizations to tangible goods through three programs housed at its site.

The Warehouse

Teacher Resource Store

Essentials Store


Our Vision for the Future


To enable our network to bridge gaps in existing services, and have an exponential impact on those who show determination, yet are struggling to be self-sustaining.

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