About Us

A Strong Foundation


**WILL INCLUDE meaning of StoreHouse and explain idea: when we pool resources, our impact is exponential.


Our Reach

Our member organizations serve approximately XXX adults and children across X counties, and continue to grow. We partner with non-profits that are XXX, helping us maximize impact in the Grand Rapids community.

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Our Approach

**WILL INCLUDE: Instead of creating a new service, we believe in stewardship of resources and connecting organizations who have shared vision. Our WareHouse relies heavily on volunteerism…

By supplying organizations with tangible items at a fraction of cost, The StoreHouse allows organizations to invest more of their finances in programming. Our approach to meeting non-profits’ needs empowers a chain reaction of generosity.

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Stories of Hope

Organizations regularly share stories of how goods from The StoreHouse positively impact their mission; program goals are achieved while expenses are lowered. We are further encouraging positive, long-term impact in the Grand Rapids community through collaboration and shared vision.

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